Green and gold cocktails! Go Pack Go!
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Superbowl-themed cocktails! I need recipes for delicious green-and-gold or black-and-yellow mixed drinks.

Some friends are throwing a cocktail party after the Superbowl, and everyone is supposed to come armed with ingredients and a recipe for a drink in the colors of the winning team (so green and gold if the Packers win, and black and yellow if not). I don't usually drink cocktails, so I have no idea where to begin. Help?
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You could make a half-and-half (aka Black and Tan) with a dark stout like Guinness and a more yellow beer like, I dunno Corona or something. Okay, that particular combination sounds gross, but you get the idea.
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For green and gold you could add Goldschl├Ąger to something green. Apple and cinnamon is a classic flavor combination, but green apple schnapps is generally sour apple flavored, which might not work out so well. You could try Goldschl├Ąger and creme de menthe, perhaps.
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There's a shot called the Bob Marley which is red, yellow, and green. You could omit the red or try and find a green syrup (non alcoholic) instead. It separates itself by alcohol content so you do need to mix the creme de banana (or galliano) with something a little stronger to make sure it floats to the top. Drink it with a straw!
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Appletini with maybe gold colored sugar/salt rim (I don't know what's in an appletini to know if it's sweet rim or salt rim; I'm guessing sweet?)
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Martinis with olives and lemon twists?
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But frankly, these are the Packers we're talking about, so what about lager with a shot of lime cordial and a lime wedge?
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Or green beer with a wedge of cheese hooked to the side of the glass.
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Caipirinhas made with passionfruit pulp instead of lime are yellow and black and quite delicious. (We just eat the seeds.)
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It's too bad the drinks have to be prepared on short notice; otherwise I'd suggest layered Jell-O shots. You could also do colored tapioca shooters.
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Make something with Blavod black vodka. We have made screwdrivers where we layer the vodka on top of the orange juice for halloween. Looks great until you stir it up, so maybe lemon drops layered that way for the black and yellow?
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For yellow and green, add Hendrick's gin to fresh lemonade, and garnish aggressively with fresh mint sprigs. SO GOOD.
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Jello shots, prepared ahead of time. It's the Wisconsin way.

Or use colored ice cubes.

Is this party in Wisconsin? No one will even be able to register what color is what by the second half.
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Thanks for all the answers, folks. I went with the gin/lemonade/mint drink and it was delicious. The other drinks at the party were sidecars, appletinis w/ lemon wedges, and a layered midori/limoncello/vodka drink.
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