What should I do to set up an XP user profile for a little kid to experiment with?
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What should I do to set up an XP user profile for a little kid to experiment with?

Being a computer repair tech I always receive salvage units that just need a little TLC to be coaxed back into running. I have stacks of PCs around the house right now and would like to let the three year old tinker around with mousing and clicking, etc., so I am going to set up a laptop for her.
I don't care at all about deletion of system files, mucking things up, etc. as I have the restore discs and can reload XP with all the drivers at any time (it won't even connect to the internet or ever update). However, what are the best practices in setting up a user profile for young'uns?
How would you set up a PC for a little kid to use it (such as, certainly connect a mouse for ease of use)?
I was thinking she'd enjoy having a bunch of video files on the desktop that she could click on and watch? What else might she enjoy?

Thank you for contributing to my daughter's future nerd status and dominance as a user.
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Three might be a bit young for typing but typing games (often flash based) can be fun.

Depending on your level of knowledge it might be just as easy to boot off an Ubuntu Live CD - no messing with settings (save persistent videos, etc on a flash drive), etc and your daughter can impress the other pre-schoolers with her knowledge of Linux.
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My daughter was about three when she started to use our home PC and some of the applications she used to have to most fun with were Paint, Word and a sound recorder package which I forget the name of (so she could record herself singing). Similar to you, I also put a couple folders of videos and photos on the desktop to keep her amused.

You say you don't have internet access on the PC however my daughter also used to love KidRocket, a very tightly controlled web browser, although the original site for this seems to have dropped off the net (I am sure there must be some similar alternatives around).
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