how do wifi and docking stations work?
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Is my laptop (win xp) using the wifi or ethernet cable connection when I plug it back into the docking station after having worked wirelessly?

Is it smart enough to use the fastest connection? Should I disable the wireless connection when working in the dock?
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I've found that if I leave the wireless on, my laptop will sometimes use that connection instead of ethernet, and it will be much slower. I turn off the wireless when I hook up to the docking station and it generally works fine now.
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Best answer: In Windows XP, at least: Open the Properties dialog box for your wireless connection, on the General tab (default) highlight Internet Protocol and choose properties.

In the resulting IP Properties dialog box, on the General tab (default), choose Advanced.

In the resulting Advanced TCP/IP Properties dialog box, IP Settings tab (default), there is a checkbox for Automatic Metric. Uncheck the box, and put 100 in the Interface metric. That will force the pc to choose the wired connection 1st, and still use wireless when wired is unavailable. I wrote this up fast; email's in profile if you have questions
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I have similar problem... Maybe some one can help me too... I have Belkins Pre-N router.. My desk top is connected by ethernet cable... my laptop is connected wirelessly.. I have all the security functions turned on... WPA... etc.. etc... hiddent ip.. etc.. etc..
Normally it works fine... but i noticed that my laptop sometimes tries to connect to my bluetooth via cell phone internet gprs access..(i used to use this before i got cable internet.... ) and "Wireless Network Connection is now connected" sign comes on every now and then... it seems like my wireless is keep coming on and off randomly... What can I do to stop this....?
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