US Presidents Lining Up (I Think)
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I'm looking for a country music song. All I can remember is the artist, male, singing about the presidents of the US. If can remember correctly they were lining up and at a funeral (but, I could be wrong). Any suggestions as to what song it was?
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It doesn't have the funeral part, but could you be thinking of "The Presidents" by Jonathan Coulton? It feels a little country.
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Response by poster: oviehawk unfortunately no, though I do like that song.
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Best answer: James Taylor's Line Em Up has a few similar elements, but it only really mentions Richard Nixon.
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Do you remember any of the presidents specifically?
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Butch Hancock's "Own The Way Over Here" album may have a song like this:

Are all the presidents really named after the streets in Amarillo? The answer is yes, but only in the strange lyrical world of Butch Hancock's songs. While often compared, vocally and lyrically, to Bob Dylan, the comparison fails to do justice to Hancock's idiosyncratic approach. Own the Way Over Here collects songs from earlier albums like Yella Rose With Marce Lacoutre and Diamond Hill, released on his own Rainlight Records. "Talkin' About That Panama Canal" sounds a bit dated, as do most protest songs, but it remains entertaining if for no other reason than Hancock's inability to remember all the presidents' names.

Hancock is a well-known Texas musician, who sounds a bit like Bob Dylan. I couldn't find a link to the song, though.
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Johnny Cash sings a version of "Mr. Garfield" about the assassination and funeral of President Garfield. No other presidents are mentioned, but there are mourners in the streets. A long-shot, I guess, but maybe?
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Response by poster: backwards guitar that's it. Thanks.

And thanks to everyone else for their suggestions.
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