How can I connect my TV (via my stereo system) to my wireless bluetooth speakers?
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How can I connect my TV (via my stereo system) to my wireless bluetooth speakers?

I own a set of Sharper Image KO500 Bluetooth speakers. My current set-up: My stereo system is hooked up to my TV, and my speakers are on either side of my TV hooked up via speaker wires (not sure what they're called exactly but they aren't the white and red audio cables with the male-end plugs -- they have exposed wire at the end that I have to stick in little holes in the back of my receiver that pinch them to place). So the speakers play the sound from my TV/DVD player. When I want to play music from my laptop, I can do so wirelessly by plugging in the little USB thing that came with the speakers into my laptop and pressing a button on the speakers that syncs it up.

I'm moving soon and with my new entertainment set-up I'd like to put the speakers elsewhere and don't want to have speaker wires crawling all over my living room.

So, my question: Is there something that I can plug into my stereo receiver that would take the sound from my stereo and send it wireleslly to the Bluetooth speakers? (I'm picturing the red/white audio plugs on one end that would be plugged into AUDIO OUT plugs, and some sort of bluetooth thing on the end which would send the sound to the speakers.)

Something like this must exist, right? I've never seen it (but I'm also not an audiophile so I've never look into it until now, and wouldn't even know what to search for).

A tangential question (just because I figure anyone reading this has way more knowledge than me about this kind of thing): I think I (STUPIDLY) lost the CD that came with the speakers--now I have a new laptop and can't use the speakers because it doesn't have the driver!! Can't find it online anywhere, and unfortunately Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy so it's not like I can call them up. Guessing I'll have to just hang onto my old laptop for music purposes, OR get one of those cords that plugs into my headphone jack, then goes into an AUDIO IN jack in my reciever, and get to the speakers that way (but again--more wires and cords!!) If anyone can see anyway around this, I'd love to hear suggestions! Thanks in advance...
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You want a Bluetooth audio transmitter. Note, however, that there is a bit of a delay with Bluetooth audio, which may be noticeable when watching TV and movies.

As for your second question, download the latest Bluetooth drivers from Broadcom, as Windows 7 (which I assume what your new laptop is running) doesn't have built-in support for A2DP, which is what Bluetooth speakers use. Once the drivers are installed, you'll have to pair the speakers. Once installed, here's a walkthrough. BTW, if your new laptop has Bluetooth built in, you probably won't need the little USB thing that came with the speakers. If it doesn't have Bluetooth, the Broadcom driver should also be able to support the USB stick.
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