Early 9/11 suspect(s)
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Within a day or two after 9/11, there was coverage on network news of some person (and possibly his brother) in the US who was suspected of being an important figure in the attacks. A few days later it turned out this person had actually died some time earlier and was in no way involved. Anyone know who this person was?
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Timothy McVeigh?
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faceonmars: "Timothy McVeigh?"

Probably not. Even the US government would not be so inept to run around looking for someone who was executed just three months earlier.
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A quick glance through the 9/11 timeline project doesn't show anything, but if you have any other details, you might be able to find something there.
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It's not this guy, is it?
posted by nitsuj at 11:24 AM on April 19, 2005

CNN still has 9-11 archive footage on their website.
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Shoos, are you thinking of the guy who turned out to be alive and living in Pakistan or somewhere?

There was definitely a suspect who turned out to be doing just fine, and completely unrelated to the plot. I think he ran a jewelry shop.
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No, it wasn't McVeigh or Moussaoui. It wasn't anyone who was in the news before or since the few days after 9-11. IIRC, the guy was originally from Turkey or around that area. They showed a photo of him sunbathing or something like that.

I'll have to go through the CNN and Timeline project sites. Thanks.
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inksyndicate, no, the person turned out to have been dead and was living up until around the time of his death in the states.
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Oh, OK.
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Just to disambiguate, the "jeweler" is probably Mohammed Asghar aka Mustafa Khan Owasi who got caught in a passport bind back in 2003.

I suspect, though, that the person you have in mind is Ameer Bukhari, who was erroneously named as a person of interest by the FBI:

Federal sources had initially identified the brothers as possible hijackers who had boarded one of the planes that originated in Boston. Their names had been tied to a car founded at an airport in Portland, Maine. But Bukhari's attorney said it appeared their identifications were stolen and said Bukhari had no role in the hijackings.

His brother Adnan was treated as a material witness, questioned, and passed a polygraph.
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Yeah, dhartung, I think those are the guys. Don't know why I thought they were Turkish. Thanks a lot.
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