Learn Mandarin, Cantonese and Chinese characters via online chat?
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Can anyone recommend a tried and true site offering live chat lessons teaching Mandarin or Cantonese and Chinese writing?

There are many sites offering to teach Chinese via Skype. I cannot find any personal reviews. The tutor should be able to teach in English as well, of course.
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I don't know how helpful my comments are here but I'm using LingQ for French and they offer Chinese as well. Link provided here is to the Chinese page. I can't vouch for their Chinese but I have been pleased with the French. Also, I'm not a beginner. Not sure if that matters.
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Italki.com, has dozens of active tutors with ratings. Prices range from $1-20/hr. Some of the very cheap instructors or not very good, but I was able to find a few good instructors in the $5-12/hr range, very convenient. No contracts, no membership fees, just set up classes one by one, if it doesn't work out, try someone else the next time. Most of the tutors speak passable English, some speak very well.
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I know that Rosetta Stone has it. I would start there. My friend tried it and enjoyed it.
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I don't know about the live chat part, though I've heard that Skritter is good for learning the characters.
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