How do I turn off my iPod 4G's automatic power on when earphones are plugged in?
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How do I stop my iPod Nano (4g) from automatically powering on whenever I plug in the earphones?

That's it really. Sometimes I just want to plug the earphones in so I can wrap them up and stuff the thing in my bag/pocket/whatever. I don't want to have to unlock it and power down every time I do this. This happens regardless of whether it's locked or unlocked.

I hate this. I checked the Apple support forums and nothing useful there, except for a few people that equally dislike this "feature".

I'm open to third-party hacks etc., to fix this. Help me, hive mind!
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Won't it go back to sleep again by itself after a few minutes if you don't do anything else to it?

I don't bother with putting mine to sleep manually -- the battery lasts long enough that it being awake a few minutes extra doesn't really matter much.
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You don't have to unlock to put it back to sleep, just press the sleep/wake button (on the top) and it'll go right back into sleep mode. Even if you don't, if you don't slide to unlock it'll go straight back to sleep after only about one minute.
If you really want it not to do this, you'd have to power it completely off instead of putting it into sleep mode. Hold down the sleep/wake button for about 8 seconds and then slide the red "slide to power off" toggle.

I am unaware of any third party or jailbreak options to disable the exit from sleep when headphones are plugged in.
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it's a Nano, it doesn't have a sleep/wake button. or slide to unlock or slide to power off.
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Best answer: That's a feature, not a bug. You may like to plug it in and not use it, but most of want to plug the phones in and go. This has been stock behavior on iPods for a few generations.

It may seem disconcerting but just plug in the phones and wrap it up and put it away. It will shut off in a minute unless you hit play somehow.
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Response by poster: Argh.

Birdherder, I wish that in addition to "Favorite" or "Mark as Best Answer", there were also a button for "Reluctantly admit that this answer is telling me exactly what I don't want to hear but is nonetheless true." Until we get one of those, you get best answer props.
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