Private room in Seattle?
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Throwing a party in Seattle, looking for a place with a private room for ~20.

This earlier Ask had a few recommendations, but I'm hoping for more.

This is for a birthday party, so a place with games would be great. The two options that have been recommended to me so far are the Garage and the Tap House. Any other places I should check out?
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a place with games would be great

Shorty's might host private events.
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Jillian's has pool and arcade games. I attended an office party there and the food was average, though service was good.
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A few more options:
  • The mezzanine at the Rendezvous.
  • The College Inn Pub has a back room. In my experience reserving it is YMMV, especially on weekends.
If this is on a Friday or Saturday night, you'll probably need something that you can actually reserve. If it's on a weeknight, there are dozens of bars in town that you can usually just take over with about 20 people. The local bikes+beer club here has made a routine of it.
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No games, but Hale's Ales has beer and a nice upstairs private room, and The Opium Den in Thaiku is rentable and pretty unique.
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We just went to Shorty's and the back room is awesome. I'd so be having my birthday there if I didn't live across the country.
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the Mountaineers' club house at Sand Point Way could be another option. Ample parking. Climbing Wall and historic mountaineering photographs. You could cater or bring your own potlach.
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Mefite's own Jawn runs Shorty's backroom which keeps getting mentioned here - you should ask him about it.
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Thanks for the great suggestions! We've been to Shorty's, been to Jillian's -- those are about right, I'm just hoping to find someplace new.
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