Yelp sort by New Listing - or how to find NEW restuarants?
January 26, 2011 1:24 PM   Subscribe (or other review site): sorting by newest restaurant in an area? Or: where do you go to find recently *opened* restaurants in Southern California (inland empire etc).

So, is a spotty resource for restaurant reviews, but it does have reviews of new places. I'd like to set up a yelp sort where you can see the newest LISTED restaurants (not sorted by the newest review!).

Has someone made a plugin, or a secret part of the site that I haven't seen??

Who at the site should I contact to make this suggestion to?

Alternatively if you have specific advice on how to find new restaurants that have opened in the last couple of months east of downtown los angeles, that would be great. I've seen Dine 909, I read chowhound and various food blogs including LA weekly, but it's pretty haphazard. The hivemind fills in yelp quicker than individual blogs/newspapers......
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Eater LA?
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Response by poster: Eater is too downtown/hollywood/westisde centric I'm afraid....
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Urbanspoon has a recently-listed page... I am not conversant with LA geography, but if you pick a neighborhood, they list the five most recently-added restaurants in the right column of the selected neighborhood's page.

Somewhat confusingly, outside of major metro areas, they treat cities as neighborhoods within a state/region, so you may want their Southern California page if what you're looking for falls beyond their definition of L.A.
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