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what is a 15 kw generac diesel generator worth? 5 years old hardly used I have one to sell, I don't know what to ask
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As a starting point, I'd suggest searching completed listings on ebay. I found this listing for a 15kW Generac that sold recently for $1,725.
posted by rube goldberg at 1:44 PM on January 26, 2011

Generator's are really dependent on things like number of hours you have on them and what accessories come with it (enclosed, portable, muffler, etc.) ... so when you look on eBay sales, make sure you keep that in mind. Also is this one of those old, loud generators? If so, you're going to have a harder time selling it as 15KW is pretty much in home territory and unless you're in a rural area, there might be laws or covenants against having a loud generator.

Basically put as much info as you can on it, and put it up on eBay. I'd definitely set the minimum at $1k if you don't know anything about it.
posted by geoff. at 2:16 PM on January 26, 2011

Where are you located MansRiot? Because I just happen to be in the market for a diesel generator in that power range.
posted by Kiscica at 5:28 PM on January 26, 2011

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