Enchanted Tapes of the NorthWest
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Looking for a super cheesy old cassette tape recording with the "spirit of the wind" chant on it and other, similar things. It was produced by one woman, who may have appeared on the cover. I think each side was as short as 15-20 minutes. Another track was something like "the call of the s/he wolf", where her voice looped over itself.

This was available at the king county library system around 2000. The cassette also had a call to the four winds, or perhaps the speaker just talked about that during the invocation. It was not a native american CD. It was probably local to the NorthWest, or even just Seattle, since it was pretty basic in its production. She was serious and the tape was simultaneously self-help sounding and yet ominous. It was mega cheesy but I totally want to hear it again.
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