Looking for screen resolution breakdown by user demographics.
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Looking for screen resolution breakdown by user demographics.

Are there any stats (year 2008 or newer) that correlate computer screen resolution statistics to typical user demographics? Ideally with a look at household income, where device is used (home vs work), or even user's age.

I'm looking for something like:
1024x768 -- HHI: $60,000 -- Age: 45-60

Multiple studies are fine. I'm not sure if such a thing exists, as it'd have to be done via survey.

(Less resolution-specific stats, like distribution of smart phones, laptops, or generic large screen monitors would also be useful.)
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This is the sort of thing I occasionally look for and do not find. I know that absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence, but the sorts of surveys that are looking at something as granular as screen resolution are unlikely to be getting people's incomes. This is especially true for something that can be passively aggregated [i.e. resolution] against something that would have to be actively collected. In any case, I'd like to know the same sorts of things, but haven't been able to track this sort of thing down in my professional life, though I have tried.
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Response by poster: Thanks, jessamyn. I can make pretty informed guesses using market share and general knowledge of trends. I'm trying to educate some.... computer-challenged clients on screen resolutions and demographics speak volumes to them.

I'm making an infographic to help educate and my desired demographics are just icing on the cake. Ah, well.
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I'm not sure if this would be useful, as it doesn't incorporate demographics, but I still find Google's Browser Size layer from about a year ago kind of interesting. It shows what percentage of people have browser windows of certain sizes, and will apply an overlay over any site you enter to illustrate that.
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