Good trail shoes?
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I do a lot of hill hiking in hot weather, up and down on both paved and unpaved trails. I have a high arch and underpronate. How can I zero in on some good trail shoes? I don't want full-fledged hiking boots, just cushioned trail runners with toe & sole protection for the pebbly & stony parts.
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I have some New Balance waterproof walking shoes that seem perfect for you. New Balance sells inserts for all kinds of different feet—I have some to fix overpronation, and obviously you need the opposite.
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You might want to go to a running shoe store and ask them... because everyone is a little different.

I went into one of the places locally and had them analyse my gait on a treadmill. And I'll tell you, having the right pair of shoes fitted by a professional made a real difference in terms of injury prevention and whatnot.
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I'll second the running shoe store - they usually carry outdoor trail shoes and will be able to suggest a pair of shoes that will fit your feet.
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If there is an REI near you, get some shoes and save the reciept. They'll take anything back for as long as you own it, without question. It's a good way to test drive shoes.

A lot of other outoor stores have the same policy.
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Garmont (Flash on front page) make great shoes. They cost a little but they're worth it. I use mine mostly for just morning walks and other light exercise and the support they give is really good. I expect to get about five years out of my current pair and I'd also have no problem using them on harsher terrain.
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Also, take a look at Mizuno and Montrail trail running shoes when you are in the running store.

Trail running shoes offer support under the foot (cushioning, pronation/supination support) with a solid mesh upper so your foot breathes while you hike.

Look for good aggressive tread underfoot - this will allow you to have a firmer grip on muddy or pebbly trails.

When I bought my trail shoes last week (for running on trails) I was suprised by the wide variety of trail shoes that are now available. Nike, Asics, Mizuno, Montrail, Brooks all offer trail runners now - they tend to have more aggressive tread than ordinary running shoes, a bit less cushioning than road shoes (designed for running on trails, not cement) and have greyer/beiger colours (while shoes won't stay white for long after a weekend in the woods)
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