ImageReady help for Fireworks refugee
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In Fireworks it's a one-click process to export an image slice individually (ie. right-click and select "export selected slice"). Is is possible to do the same thing quickly using Adobe ImageReady?

The only way I can find to do this in ImageReady is to select the slice, then choose 'File..' 'Save Optimised As..', then modify two different drop down boxes in the resulting dialog... a much slower process than FW.

Also.. is there any good resources out there for migrating from Macromedia products to Adobe ones? In particular from Fireworks to Photoshop/ImageReady? (FW would appear to have a fragile future these days)
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Just wait and see how fireworks and imageready may be integrated after the Adobe/Macromedia merger
posted by clgregor at 1:11 PM on April 19, 2005

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