Best SAM-e brand
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What brand of SAM-e do you recommend for mood enhancement? (quality-wise more than price-wise)

Going to purchase SAM-e for mood enhancement. So many brands on the internet to choose from. I've read good things about "Life Time" brand and "Olympian Labs" brand but I would like any additional recommendations or even "stay away from X brand" comments.
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I had a good experience with Jarrow Forumulas brand
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...or formulas *blush*
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Sam-e is used as a prescription anti-depressant in some European countries and they do have regulatory standards there, you know. My US doctor who actually follows international research thought that it was well worth a try. It's not

The problem is that since it's not regulated *here*, fourcheesemac is right that there is no evidence that anything sold here has any effect, so... worth a try?

I've been happy with brand sold at the Trader Joe's. I don't have the name on hand at the moment, though.
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Not a recommendation, but SAM-e can cause DNA methylation and may be a carcinogen.
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