RSS for Twitter feed?
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RSS for Twitter feed - how to find?

It used to be easy to find the RSS feed for a Twitter account...but with the "new and improved" profiles, I just can't figure out where the RSS feed/link is hiding. Help?
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It looks like it's the very last thing on the right-hand column of the page. I don't have an account, though, so it might be different if you're logged in.
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That's the "old" Twitter layout, wayland--it's different in the new layout, which inexplicably only provides RSS links to your own Favorites Stream, even when you're viewing someone else's stream.

It's been driving me absolutely nuts, too!

I've been building up the feed URL by hand lately like this:

1. View source of the "new" profiles and do a Find for "id":

2. Copy and paste the id number in place of the zeroes in this template:

I'm sure there's a more elegant way to quickly do this with a userscript or even just a javascript snippet, but strangely I have been unable to find anyone who has written one.
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Not sure if this is the same issue you're describing, but I've had problems with Twitter's RSS feeds since the switchover to New Twitter late last year. Clicking the RSS icon in my browser window (Chrome, using the RSS extension) used to let me add each Twitter user's feed to Google Reader, but now instead generates a single feed for all my favourites, no matter whose Twitter page I'm on. Twitter gave me the option a few days ago to view someone's page as Old Twitter, and, lo and behold, the RSS icon on that page worked just fine.

Some people think Twitter deliberately broke their own RSS feeds during the switchover; I have no idea if this is true, but I'll be watching this thread, hoping someone's able to offer a solution.
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Best answer: I had this issue too. The linked RSS feed now lists the tweets that the user has favourited rather than their tweets. To get their tweets you can use the following feed:{USERNAME}

Where {USERNAME} is their username, so for example my feed is at:

I've no idea how reliable this is (I use it to populate my 4 most recent tweets on my homepage). As far as I know this only differs from bcwinters suggestion in that you can give a username.
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Response by poster: Thanks all - fixed the problem! Once again, AskMeFi to the rescue!
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This method is broken for me.
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