What do you do when you don't have all your tax info by the FAFSA deadline?
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I plan on attending graduate school in the Fall 2011 semester and applying for financial aid. The FAFSA form asks numerous questions regarding income, adjusted gross income, and taxes for the 2010 year, but much of this info I will not have in time by the February 15th deadline. How do I proceed?
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Which information, exactly, will you not have by the deadline? Do you mean you won't have W-2s by then? You should still have your pay stubs.
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Yes, W-2s. But I also started a corporation in 2010, so there is a lot of material I have to cover with my accountant, and it is unlikely that will happen before the deadline.
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what school... FAFSA deadlines are a little later... so if it's school imposed, i'd explain the issue to the school and see what they advise.
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That's a pretty common problem. You estimate the amounts and submit it, then make corrections as soon as you have definite information.
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Your school definitely has financial aid counselors who can give some definitive answers.
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We were told to estimate, and that last year's totals were a good basis to estimate from (unless something is radically different). You'll have the opportunity to update later on.
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Also, the FAFSA help line was an excellent resource.
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Geegollygosh is correct. When you get to the question that asks 'Have you completed your taxes for 2010?' select 'Will File', enter in estimated totals for your wages, AGI, assets, etc., and submit it.

When you do file your taxes, go back and file a corrections FAFSA with the accurate totals. Your financial aid office will still honor your first submission date, even if you submit corrections after the deadline.

Feb 15th does seem like a very early and impractical deadline...all it does is give the fin. aid office more paperwork to do!
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Feb 15, pish posh. I have a CSS application due Feb 1.
For the FAFSA make your best estimate and update it later.
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