Ten inches of snow on the way
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Can anyone recommend an online source for help with small engine repair for beginners?

In this case a snow-blower that I am determined to get started but I have little understanding of basic functions. I would also buy a book if someone has one to recommend.
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Check with your local public library, they may subscribe to EBSCO's Small engine repair database
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Best answer: Here is the small gas engine repair faq.
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You've probably already read the manual, no? Generally available online.
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Response by poster: Slidell, yes, I have the manual and have read it but it does not go into any repair suggestions or explanation of parts beyond things like 'make sure the fuel cock is open'.
rfs, thank you, this looks like a good way for me to spend my day!
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Good luck, comrade! We have a bunch of snow on the way tonight, and I only got my snow blower working again last night around 9:30 (with all the kids in bed and a light on my head to work by!).

I used a combinaiton of the manual -- paper *and* online versions-- plus Google searches and phone calls to patient people. The latter resource sometimes should be consulted two or three times, in isolation, and then the results tested against each other: weird prejudices or personal history have a way of polluting mechanical advice. :7)
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Response by poster: rfs,
I had already taken the carburetor off and taken it apart and cleaned it as best I could. It would start until the started fluid was used up and then shut off. Using the link that you provided I decided I hadn't really cleaned the plug that holds the little gas pan on. I took it all apart again and cleaned out the holes with a little wire, put it all back together and SUCCESS!
It all runs like a charm now. So I have learned my lesson about not leaving gas in over the year and have had one of the most rewarding days of the month. Thanks to you all for your answers.
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