Vintage travel film from Copenhagen/Denmark
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I am looking for a specific film clip, possibly from the 1950's or 1960's, about Copenhagen (perhaps Denmark in general). It was quite a big hit online a few years ago.

The film is American-made, either by a tourist agency promoting Denmark or some kind of travel reportage by Life magazine or an American TV channel. The video has images of people biking across City Hall Square in Copenhagen and similar footage.

When I saw this video a couple of years ago, it went viral for a day or two and was possible linked on Boing Boing, MeFi and other places (though I can not seem to find it anywhere). Can anyone help me find this footage?
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Betting it's the out-of-nowhere WTF travelogue stuff in the Danish monster movie Reptilicus. TIVOLI NIGHTS, etc!
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Was it this? That's Danish
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You may need to be more specific. For example, Danes bike more today than ever before, so that doesn't really date your video much. There have been a number of semi-viral videos about Copenhagen biking, like this one (there are even more about Amsterdam, or even Utrecht, in case that might be your confusion).

I did find this 3-year-old video that has a sort of a retro production due to the music, but is basically modern footage.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I know it is hard to find it with the information that I have, that is the problem. It is not a contemporary film, it's from the the 1950's or 1960's, that is what makes it interesting.

It is also not specifically about biking, that is just one example of footage I remember from the video. The video is more of a general introduction to Denmark, for Americans. A bit like this, but from 50 years ago.
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