Sunday fun in NYC
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What's something fun and cheap and indoorsy we can do this Sunday afternoon in nyc?

My super picky sister is once again visiting this Sunday. What should we do? In the past, I've taken her to Broadway shows, the King Tut exhibit, the wax museum, and random shopping. She liked all that. HOWEVER, right now we're still recovering from the holidays, so we can't really afford something expensive like a show. Also its cold and snowy out there, so wandering around outside at say, Botanical Gardens or the zoo is out.

Something that costs under $30 each would be ideal. We'd prefer Manhattan or just slightly into Brooklyn. I was thinking maybe some cool brunch place that also has music? Or… anything else really. All suggestions welcome!

(I know theskint and timeoutnyc etc will list stuff later in the week, but we'd like to make plans as early as possible.)
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oh in case its relevant, she's in her mid-twenties.
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It's restaurant week! Go eat lunch somewhere you couldn't ordinarily afford to, for 24 bucks each.
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A lot of the suggestions I got when I asked this question would apply.
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There's a lot of indoors activities listed in this thread.
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Dim Sum?
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Go to Chelsea Piers and go ice skating or bowling or rock climbing.
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Jules on St Marks Place is cheap, has live music, and is pretty cozy (though loud when the band is on), BTW, if you want a place for Sunday brunch.
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Unfortunately most of the suggestions in those other threads are museums... She's really not the museum type.

Restaurants are good but we need something in addition to that....
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What about a stroll through Eataly or Chelsea Market? Or the Limelight Marketplace? Or some other fancy indoor food court?
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Joyce Theater on 19th and 8th is a cute little theater that hosts a variety of dance pieces. They have 2pm shows on Saturdays and Sundays and are currently showing a contemporary collection. Supposedly by calling the theater you can get $10 tickets, but online tickets start at $19 (plus fees).
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In the small chance that you and your sister like choral music sung by adorable choir boys, I recommend going to St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue for Evensong at 4 p.m. The Men and Boys Choir is absolutely amazing, the service is about an hour, and if you show up a bit early you can usually catch the choir rehearsing. I had to duck out early when I went, but no one seemed to notice or mind. Several people left early or came late, and were very subtle about it.
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I love Jules. If you are thinking more towards brunch, definitely there.

Token Brooklyn Idea:

What about brunch and then an afternoon browsing at The Flea? Nearby brunch options include No. 7 (probably a little pricey) and Cafe Lafayette (more of a budget friendly option). There are a million other options, possibly better or more what you specifically have a hankering for, on Lafayette and Dekalb avenues if you're willing to walk a little further into Fort Greene.

There is also food at The Flea, though I find that the offerings at One Hanson Place are less interesting than their summertime outdoor location - and the atmosphere, a dim room with folding cafeteria tables, leaves a lot to be desired.
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