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In "Silent Hill: Shattered Memories" the flashlight-based exploration of the creepy cold abandoned town is all too often interrupted by annoying "nightmare" sequences where you have to flee from faceless ghouls. I hate hate hate these nightmare sequences, but I want to keep playing the game. Can I bypass them somehow?

I do not find it at all entertaining to try to run from, or shake off, the faceless ghouls. My gameplay comes to a complete stop when these sequences show up, and I turn the game off and refuse to play it for months. Is there a hack, a cheat, a secret code, anything I can do to make those sequences easier or bypassable?
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I strongly suggest using a Wii Gameshark or the cheaper Codebreaker.

It's how I play all of the Silent Hill games.
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The last Silent Hill I played was the third one, so I'm not sure if there's such a cheat for Shattered Memories, but if there is, GameFAQs would have it.
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