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What to do in Portugal (with my grandparents)?

My grandfather has generously procured for me a ticket to Portugal to visit him and his girlfriend on their annual two-month visit/vacation in Portimao. My great-uncle and great-aunt live there as well. I am going to visit February 19-27, and am very excited!

I have been once before, for a week, to visit family there three years ago. Last time I went, my mother, stepfather and I went to Spain for a day, visited Monchique, the castle in Silves, and explored Portimao. I like all of these, as well as eating, watching fishermen, and walking around town observing. I am looking for things to do this time around, with my grandfather and his girlfriend. We will be staying in Portimao and have a car/apartment/etc.

They are interested in history, landscape, and architecture. I like flea markets, cafes, places to take great pictures, and hiking/exploring outdoors. They are going to be there for two months, have visited for two months for the past three years, and other family members are visiting in March so I feel that they have probably done most "touristy" things. This is nice, and means they will know the area well. I would just like to come prepared, and able to entertain myself while I am there. Any MeFites with knowledge of Portugal, specifically Portimao region - advice would be great!
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This might be too far to drive (~150-200 miles), but I loved visiting Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not least for the ruins of the Moorish castle.
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So, if anyone else is reading this question searching for information, we went to Cape St Vincent (gorgeous, South-western most point in Europe, apparently), Portimao, Lisbon (2 hours by train!) Alvor (beautiful beach and so many British expats, there's rugby everywhere), and stayed in Armacao de Pera. Lovely!
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