Where to eat near Curran Theatre in SF?
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Theatre Night tomorrow! Where can we eat before seeing a play at the Curran Theatre?

We're going to see Next to Normal tomorrow night! I am very excited, except for figuring out where to eat prior to the show (curtain at 8). Some considerations:
- I'm coming from work downtown, Mr. Kiddo from near GG Park;
- We need to eat near the theatre (walking distance in heels);
- I get very very anxious about being late to shows... So we need a place that has good/prompt service, and:
- When the inevitable happens--like I insist we leave 30 minutes sooner than we need to--we need to find a bar to have a drink in.

Not enough requirements? I don't want anything super fancy; going to the play is treat enough.
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Show Dogs? Little Delhi?Farmer Brown?

Show Dogs and Farmer Brown have bars in them. Little Delhi at least has beer.
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Le Colonial (check the pre-theater menu), Colibri, or the bar at Grand Cafe.
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Good suggestions above. If you can get in, Canteen.
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Farmer Brown has great Southern/soul/comfort food (for dinner, at least--their Sunday brunch buffet does not impress me) and good drinks, and every time I've been there the service has been lightning-fast--almost too fast, because we always end up with time to kill before the show, but then, that's what dessert and drinks are for.

Little Dehli has surprisingly tasty Indian food in a very casual diner-like setting, and the service is also very prompt. They serve beer and wine.
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