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What health stuff should I get done while I have dual insurance?

I have medical, dental, and vision insurance through my job, and I was recently added back to my parent's medical insurance since the new health care laws cover those under 26, and I have a few months till I am kicked off again. My mother thought to ask my dentist if I should get my wisdom teeth removed while I have both, and now I am getting it done. This is, of course, only being covered by my dental insurance, since they don't want to play nice with the medical coverage, but now I am wondering what else I should get done while I have two potential options to pay for it.

I am generally healthy. I have not had any major medical issues (knock on wood!). I have high cholesterol, and have since I was thirteen (thus, it appears to be genetic) but have not been put on medicine for it. I am overweight but not obese. I have not had kids and probably won't. I have a family history that includes heart disease, stroke, non-smoking emphysema, Alzheimer's/dementia, adult-onset diabetes, and kidney cancer, but my parents and their siblings all are still alive into their 50s/60s, and my grandparents made it to their late 70s/early 80s, with one now entering her late 80s with fairly minor medical issues.

What, if anything, should I get done or ask for while I have two insurance companies? I know YANMD, but I want to get the most out of this while I have the chance.
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I have dual vision (through my work and my husbands) and that means I can get covered for frames every year. If you haven't used your frame coverage this year for either, you could get a new pair of glasses and a back up pair.
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Are you up to date on your immunizations? Tetanus and HPV are two you may need at your age, although you may not be on insurance long enough to get the entire HPV sequence. Even if you are up to date on tetanus, if it expires soon it may be worth getting a booster shot a little early, since it lasts ten years. Also if you plan to visit the developing world any time soon you may need extra shots for that.
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Response by poster: To clarify: I only have dual medical insurance, though I have single coverage on vision and dental.
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Response by poster: I already have my HPV shots, but I have no idea when I last got tetanus. Worth looking into! And I haven't been to the developing world, but I hope to travel more in the future, so I think I will look into that.
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If you haven't had it, make sure you get the Tdap vaccine, which does tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis in one fell swoop. Your arm will hurt like hell, but it will be worth it-- whooping cough's going around here in CA, at least.

(Shame you're not 60+; you could get the shingles vaccine! No one I know who's had shingles enjoyed it in the least.)
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Most insurance plans will ask you to certify that you don't have other insurance, and if you do they will want to know the details so that they can coordinate coverage. So you probably are not going to be able to get much extra from being double insured. In fact, I'm surprised that your parents were able to add you to their plan if you have other insurance.

Get a physical, and follow up on anything that turns up there. If nothing turns up, be happy about it.
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If you don't have an IUD, get one now. That's the thing I crammed in 4 days before my cadillac plan ended.
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Seconding the IUD-- I did that as well about 2 weeks before my plan ended.
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urrgh. No pun intended, with the thing and the cramming.
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I am not a health benefits expert, but based on my layman's understanding of these things, you could get yourself into a situation where each insurer says the other one needs to pay. I'd be happy to be contradicted with specific information on that point.
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Adamrice is right, but that's easy to take care. Barring anything strange, it should happen that your medical policy will be primary and your parent's policy will be secondary. You just need to give the insurance companies the info they need.

Also - To directly answer your question, if you have any skin or feet stuff to take care of do it now. I got some harmless moles removed before my really good insurance policy ended and it was soooo worth it.
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