Where can I find a unique and flattering black floorlength bridesmaid dress?
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Please help me find a unique black, floorlength dress for a bridesmaid dress! I don't want to look like I'm going to prom, and am having a hard time finding online stores that might carry something more unique or whimsical while still appropriate.

I'd love something with a fun skirt that's organza, lace, or something similar. I've tried the usual suspect stores from Jcrew to Banana Republic to Saks and can't find much. What are some online stores that might have something unique and afforable (Under $300)?

I've looked on Etsy but am having a very hard time narrowing down the results using search terms or their categories.
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What size range are we talking about here? Will you need sleeves?
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ModCloth has a few cute floorlength black dresses to choose from. And tons of other dresses in several other categories, as well. Hubba.
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Unique Vintage has some adorable black dresses in a variety of sizes and price ranges.
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Have you looked at Bluefly.com at all?
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Response by poster: Upper size range, but not plus size. No sleeves, though I'm open to halter/v-neck/etc. I have a big bust, so strapless might not be ideal, but not out of the question.

I've looked at Bluefly, but found it also to be a little... typical. :(

I love ModCloth's style so much, but so far I've had little luck with the quality/fit of their clothes!
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Don't overlook Rent the Runway and the bricks-and-mortar formal-wear rental options near you.
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This one at 6pm.com is pretty, and so is this one. (No sleeves on either one, in case that's an issue.) 6pm is an online outlet, so their offerings are marked down and can go fast -- but there's always lots of new stuff, too.
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Nordstrom has some cute options, as does Zappos.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the ideas so far, everyone! Does anyone have anything kind of like Shabby Apple or other lesser known stores that might have some neat things?
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Trashy Diva has a very few floor length black options.
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have you tried BCBG? i had all of my bridesmaids wear long black dresses, and both of my sisters wore BCBG.
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Might be worthwhile to look into separates, too. A long skirt and a fancy corset or awesome jacket blouse?
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There are a few black, floor-length options on eShakti. Bonus: you can get it custom made to fit you.
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Response by poster: I'd love skirts too! I really want the skirt to be something fun/flowy!
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Overstock has a few nice dresses at a great price.
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ShopBop.com has a wide selection in a wide price range.

Asos looks like a possibility too.
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What about this fishtail skirt on etsy? Or maybe this floor-length tutu? Silk brocade with dragonflies?
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One more from Etsy.
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Response by poster: MsMolly - I actually love that long tutu, but am not sure if it's too much as a bridesmaid. I am afraid to do anything with too much additional color too.

I actually love the skirt on this, but not the top...


I wish there was a listing of beautiful boutique shops on the web. I know they're out there, but not how to find them!
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Yoox has (approximately) a billion options. BCBG is a good one too, they always have a ton of dress options.
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Where are you located? I just got an amazing dress for our very formal company holiday party at a shop in Oakland called "Dress" that, like sidhedevil's suggestion, rents couture dresses. The woman who runs it is super awesome. If you aren't near Oakland - I'm guessing she is connected enough that she could tell you if there was a shop like her's where you are. http://dress-sf.com/
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You can find this brand/designer at local locations depending on where you live. I can't link directly to the ones that seem interesting... but just click on bridesmaid dresses and have a look. Really interesting designs and some "normal" ones.
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Maybe this one from Ralph Lauren or this Leyendecker for a more relaxed feel?

The tulle ballerina gown from White House Black Market looks good too, if you can get your hands on it.
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Response by poster: That tulle one is lovely! I wish it wasn't sold out!
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