What's happening in San Francisco tonight and tomorrow?
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What's happening in San Francisco tonight and tomorrow?

Hi San Francisco mefites,

I'm at a conference on Fisherman's Wharf this Monday and Tuesday. Conference ends at 5pm each day and I'm looking for fun things to check out.

Are there any museums/events/sights worth checking out on 1/24 & 1/25 that are open after 5pm? Bonus points for easy public transit, or cheap cab ride distances from the wharf.

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I give you http://sf.funcheap.com/. Also, check out Musee Mechanique at the Wharf.
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You can check this.
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Check SFist for an SFist Tonight post.
Check Yelp's event listings (they're user-submitted) for today and tomorrow.
Go to some food carts using the Street Food Finder.
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For concerts and the like, have a look at Songkick's SF Bay Area page(s).
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The Noir City film fest is on right now at the Castro, and the films for tomorrow look very fun (I will be there!). Movies may be a more passive form of entertainment than you're looking for, but the Castro is a gorgeous old movie palace and a San Francisco institution - the organist will be playing before the films, and the balcony will be open. If you go, sneak in some cookies from Hot Cookie just up the block.
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