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Looking for some recommendations for enterprise-level (or so) CMS that plays well with Word. A large client list is looking to be able to use a CMS to make website posts (similar to blogging), but they must be able to copy and paste directly from a Word file into the tool, without going to Notepad. Who out there allows that?
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Mambo allows dynamic pasting, so to speak, when making entries (copies fonts, tables, images, whatever)
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I was flown out to SF one year to train on Documentum. It uses the Verity search engine. We needed something to handle all of the documents (in various formats) that the research department was putting in a folder 3 floors below ours, and put it all on a searchable web page, and maintain formatting.

Handles a ridiculous amount of file formats, handles workflow, washes your dishes and mows your lawn.

Of course, with that kind of service, you're talking a mean price tag.
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The eWebEditPro editor that comes with Ektron's line of CMS products can handle content pasted in from Word, provided that "smart tags" are not enabled.

I've done a number of CMS300 implementations, and I'm not in love with it. It works fine as long as you're willing to run IIS and aren't trying to create terribly sophisticated templates.

Also, eWebEditPro was an IE-only ActiveX control last time I used it, so there's that bit of joy.
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if you want the full, big MS solution, you're looking for Sharepoint. It'll let you store your documents online, and they just pop! open in internet explorer. No cutting, no pasting, no worries.
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It's not a CMS, just a rich-text editor that could be used in the frontend to one, but TinyMCE has the auto_cleanup_word function that will do as it says -- clean up any odd Word formatting on any text pasted into the text box. Could be what you're looking for...
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Ektron does have a nice Word formatting cleaner and has been improved with the move to .NET. Still seems a little clumsy and is still an ActiveX control (so when they say it's not IE-only, that means there's an ActiveX plugin for Firefox).
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You can do this with Movable Type (disclaimer: i work for Six Apart, which makes it), there's a plugin for MT that cleans up the MS Word text formatting and makes it work in HTML. There are also tools to let you post directly to your MT blog or website from within Word, without having to do the cut-and-paste.
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