How do I get to Torii Station from Naha city?
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How do I get from Naha city to Torii Station?

I'm a U.S. civilian who will be flying in to Naha for a day to take the Foreign Service Officer's test. I need to get from Naha city to Torii station, gate 1, in Yomitan village. What would be the best way to go about getting there, and is there anything else I should be aware of in terms of making sure I can get onto the base without too much trouble?
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Are you traveling from the airport, or from downtown Naha?
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Response by poster: Good question, I'll be traveling from downtown Naha.
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Best answer: I don't live in Okinawa, so I'm not sure about the best way of getting there is, but I found a timetable for a bus from the Naha bus terminal to the Yomitan bus terminal here (in Japanese). It takes about 1 hour 20 mins. What time do you need to arrive? Weekday or weekend?
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Best answer: Take bus #28 from the Naha Bus Terminal (stand #9) to Sobe-iriguchi (楚辺入り口) bus stop, which is right in front of Torii Station. It takes about 70 minutes. Don't go all the way to the center of Yomitan, because you'll be a good 4 km away from the base.
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Response by poster: Thanks, this is very helpful!
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