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I've recently completed a PhD in the UK and will be applying for a Tier 1 Post-Study Work visa. I need to do this in person and it needs to be done by the end of next week but I can't get an appointment online and the Home Office advice line is unable to provide any further information. Help?

I've recently completed my PhD (wahoo!) and am eligible for a Tier 1 Post-Study Work visa. I intend to apply for this and begin working in the UK. I meet all eligibility requirements for this visa. I've some great job prospects including an offer that I would need to take up soon but cannot accept the position and start work until the visa comes through.

I've been trying since the beginning of January to book an appointment for a premium (in person, same day service) application online but have been entirely unsuccessful. Even though the UK Border Authority website indicates that you can ring to book appointments, this is apparently no longer permitted (and--frustrated with the online booking system--I've tried *many* times). Neither are they able to tell me when more appointments may be released. I've found the whole process so incredibly obtuse and frustrating that I've actually made an appointment to talk to my MP (I can vote here, even though I'm not a UK citizen :) They've advised that I should just apply by post, which really isn't ideal as it may take to March to get the visa and this would effectively scupper my very good job offer.

So, Metafilter, please help! Is there any way to a) find out when in person visa appointments are going to be released? or b) any other way to get an in-person visa appointment? I'm in London and am desperately hoping this works out!
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I tried to go the appointment route, but all of the appointments are filled nearly as soon as they come out so I think you are SOL. I wold apply by post, because they can't kick you out of the country while you are still in an indeterminate state and will likely get the visa once the cogs of government have moved through. You cannot start the job until this comes through, but I expect that said job should hopefully be flexible enough that a delay but if not there really isn't much you can do.

also IANAIL TINLA etc etc just my experiences working through the UK visa procedures.

Also you are a canadian so it might be possible to get a working travel visa and use that time to work through to getting a tier 1.
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