Wind cover for iPhone?
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I have been taking video with my iPhone 4 recently, but it's been windy so I get a lot of wind noise. What's the best way to go about reducing the wind noise, and/or how can I make a microphone cover/windscreen for the iPhone 4?
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i would get a good pair of headphones (over the ear, not earbud) plus the appropriate adapters, and go out and experiment with hand positioning. you'll probably find a way to cup your hand around the mic so that most of the wind noise is reduced, then you need neither windscreen or headphones...if you really dont mind lugging stuff around, maybe it's time to buy a camcorder?
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Windscreens for mics are really just foam. Try taping some open celled foam over the mic.
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No matter what the sound is going to be absolutely atrocious with the on-board mic. There are mics that plug into the port on the bottom of the iPhone, but I can't guarantee they work with the video camera.
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