Prairie grasses and thrifty lasses
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What are the best thrift stores in central/southern Illinois?

My thrift-loving friends and I are planning a day-long mini road trip around central/southern Illinois in a couple of weeks to find the best thrifting of the prairielands. In an effort to get the most bang for our gas tank buck, I am looking for your suggestions regarding the most worthwhile thrift stores to include in our drive. We're starting from Champaign-Urbana, and have mostly exhausted the stores in the city limits. We would consider inexpensive vintage stores if they are particularly awesome.
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Goodwill at 2001 Wabash Avenue, Springfield - (217) 789-0400
This has been a good, clean, well-stocked store with good flow of inventory.

I'm sure you have been to the Goodwill at 912 West Anthony Drive, Champaign
(217) 359-8729. That is also a very good store.
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agh! if you were in chicago i would say def. check out the villiage thrift stores...amazing selection/everything organized by color...might be worth checking if there are any in the area (there's like 5 in chicago)
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Stay away from Bloomington-normal. This town is a thriftless wasteland.
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The Goodwill store in Edwardsville is pretty good, it's also the largest Goodwill store I've seen.
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I assume you're looking for clothes. Kankakee and Wilmington used to have a bunch of great stores, but they were geared more towards antiques/old junk. My information is about a decade old at this point, though.
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I did a crap-ton of thrifting in Champaign while I lived there, but didn't do much clothes thrifting outside of town. The Salvation Army at John and Neil just south of the laundromat had the consistently best clothes. When they opened it they told me they were making it their "premium" store, where they'd send the nicest donations they got in town. The Goodwill on Anthony Drive that tronec mentioned is also good. I also found a lot of good new stuff at Karen's Closet consignment shop over at Springfield and Mattis. The Habitat for Humanity store was the best in town for furniture, and also make sure you take a trip up to Gordyville sometime for one of their flea market weekends or auctions.
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