Help me in my quest for liters and kilograms of food
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Please recommend your favorite food blogs - that use metric units for measurement.

I love reading food blogs and getting inspired. But somehow I always end up on American sites that use those cups, ounces, pounds, sticks and Fahrenheit in their recipes. I'm European and have always used the metric system and this complicates making recipes from these blogs - I have to convert everything, plus I don't really have an intuitive feel of what 370 degrees F or 8 oz. is. I also generally prefer weighing eg. flour or butter to measuring out "a cup" (2.36 deciliter). Tablespoons and teaspoons are fine, universal as they are.

So - please recommend your favorite food blogs that can make going from recipe to yummy food faster and easier! I am open to all kinds and cuisines - only must is deliciousness and metric measurements. Thanks!
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It might be useful for you to try a Firefox extension that automatically converts measurements from standard/imperial units to metric units.
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You don't specify if you're open to food blogs in languages other than English, so I don't know if this weblog written in German will fit your bill:

Chili & Ciabatta by Petra Holzapfel is one of my favourite food blogs. The recipes are for food from a lot of different regions/countries, include main dishes as well as cakes and are mostly down to earth. Petra also posts mouth-watering photos along with her recipes.
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Best answer: Try David Lebovitz who consistently uses metric measurements in his posts.

Also, for more recent entries, 101 Cookbooks has begun including metric measurements.
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Try ChefEddy.
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My Kitchen Snippets is mostly in metric. It's written by a Malaysian woman who now lives in the States. I haven't made too many recipes from the site, but she has some amazing bread recipes, and a wide variety of cuisines generally.
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Chocolate & Zucchini.
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Best answer: Clotilde* at Chocolate & Zucchini has both metric and cuppage (and wonderful recipes).

Coco & Me runs a market stall selling cakes at Broadway Market and writes wonderful cake recipes.

*Clotilde has some excellent cooking & food blog links here, many of which are European and write in metric and/or imperial.
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Give La Tartine Gourmande a try- lovely recipes and great photography. Bea offers measurements in both English and metric equivalents.
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Best answer: Delicious Days - blog is in English but the writer is German, and uses grams and Celsius.

Smitten Kitchen is my favorite food blog, but it's kind of uneven on the metric measurements. When it comes to baked goods (example), she typically provides measurements in grams, but stovetop recipes usually don't have any metric measurements. She also gives temperatures in Fahrenheit, but Fahrenheit-to-Celsius is a pretty easy conversion. The older baked goods recipes also don't seem to have quantities in grams - I guess she must have bought a kitchen scale at some point after she started blogging!
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I know your pain! I find this online converter incredibly useful for dealing with non-metric measurements, especially for butter - . Aside from that I just nth the recommendations given above.
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Response by poster: Thank you for all of your great answers, the links look great and my food blog RSS feed has grown considerably. :)
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Another one for you: K√łkken69.
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