MFA programs in Chicago
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Any info on MFA programs in and around Chicago?

I will be moving to downtown Chicago in the near future and plan to pursue an MFA in art practice. The School at the Art Institute is an obvious choice, but I'd like to know if any mefites can give their impressions of programs offered at the other schools in the area.
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Depends what kind of art practice. Columbia College is excellent for photography and film.
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There's also Northwestern. I don't know much about the program, but, hey, it's Northwestern.
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U of C has a program. I've heard from some people that it's good, from others that it's cliquish and superficial (but isn't that all art schools? (I kid.)).

Columbia also has an excellent book and paper arts program.
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(The Book and Paper Arts Center is so amazing.)
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I get the sense from the UofC art-major undergrads that I know that
1) U of C's program is more theoretical than technical
2) Some of the people doing it are cliquish, superficial, and well, awful.

I have seen a few of the exhibitions. Some were great, some were stupid.

And I've had a couple of the professors for classes. I had a good experience making some collages and a bad experience doing sculptures - I get the sense that a fair portion of the faculty is pretentious and tiresome.

On the other hand the building they work in is amazing - small, perfect lighting, lots of cozy studios. It was Laredo Taft's house and studios and it has tons of charm.
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