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Help me find a Macbook Air sleeve.

I just picked up an 11" Macbook Air and I'd like to find some kind of cover for it. The Apple Store didn't have much if any to choose from.

I came across this one on Etsy but it's a little more than I want to spend. Ideally I'm looking for a simple well made sleeve in either leather or some other material and under $50. Suggestions anyone?
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I ordered a custom dinosaur design from Lollington on Etsy.
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I took an existing sleeve to a shoemaker and had him alter it for $20. It was a 13" Freitag Macbook sleeve but I'm sure a competent craftsperson could alter any--assuming you jumped ship from a larger model in the first place.
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This one is a few dollars more than you want to spend, but it's awfully handsome. I have a similar one from these guys for my Macbook Pro and like it a lot. (Also I feel very classy whenever I take it out somewhere public. It's like a pea coat for a computer!)
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Waterfield Designs.
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Speck has one.

So does InCase. I have another InCase sleeve for my older MacBook Pro and it's great. I'm trying to decide what to get for my 11" Air, too.
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Oh, what I did get already BTW is a foofbag, although the others sound more like your taste.
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We've been looking for quite some times as well. We ended up buying a sleeve from Be.ez, which was one of the first companies to actually have one available.
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I have the STM for my 13" and it looks like they make one for the 11.
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I bought this one for my 13". I like it.
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I have a Tom Bihn Cache for my 13" MacBook Air. They now have an Air11 size for the 11" Air.

Bihn also makes the Brain Cell if you want a bag designed to protect the computer from being accidentally dropped, and the Ristretto if you want a bag that also has pockets for accessories, books, keys, pens, etc.
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I've got the Tom Bihn Cache brianogilvie mentioned for my 11" Air, and highly recommend it - simple, well-made, TSA friendly, and ~$30. They also offer Ask Metafilter as a dropdown answer to the question "How did you find our company/website?" which I thought was pretty cool.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I decided to go with the suede sleeve by Waterfield.
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