Crafty advice for baseball fan!
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Mefites with Craft/Artistic aptitude! I need advice on creating the coolest card table ever!

Last summer at a tailgate before a professional baseball game I saw something really cool that I want to adapt to a kind of card table to use at future tailgates! It was a beanbag toss game, made of wood I assume and it was plastered with hometown team players' baseball cards. It then had a layer of clear coating on it of some sort, I don't think it was laminate but I didn't get a real close look. So I am not crafty so I need advice on the best glue to A) attach the baseball cards to the table(I will not be using valuable cards so eventual damage is not really a concern) and B) what do you think the best way to protect and seal it would be so that it lasts atleast a couple summers? Any ideas would be welcome!
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Mod Podge glue is what people usually use to laminate things onto coffee tables.
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Seconding Mod Podge. There's an outdoor version, albeit one that's harder to find.
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Then, coat it with Varathane spray. I would use gloss for a shiny surface and put on several very light coats.
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Lots of good videos on YouTube to help you (here's one). The term to search for is decoupage.
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Bar top resin would be great for the sealing--especially if the cards are thick.
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Be careful with mod podge its water soluble which means you can't get it wet. I find Its also slightly sticky even when dried. For gluing down the cards it would be fine, but I wouldn't use it as a top coat.
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