Where can I find more about the writer John McNulty?
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John McNulty, a newspaper "rewrite" man and writer for the New Yorker died in 1956 (his 2nd wife, Faith, just past away a week ago). He was good friends with the humorist James Thurber, who writes warmly about him. I'm looking for other contemporary mentions of McNulty.

I have copies of his books, "The World of John McNulty" and "This Place on Third Avenue." Thurber mentions him in "The Thurber Album" and "The Years with Ross." I'm looking for other citations. I'm particularly interested in his years in Columbus, Ohio.
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Best answer: There are mentions of him in E.B. White's Letters.
Also a picture and a nice (but short) description of him in Brendan Gill's Here at the New Yorker.
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Best answer: There are quite a few mentions of him here (you'll have to wade through a rather large page) in the Short North Gazette. Apparently he and Thurber were quite the drinking buddies.
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Response by poster: Thanks - I knew about the Short North Gazette, but not Letters. Still on the trail!
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