Best way for 9 adults and children to stay in NYC?
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What's the best way for a group of 9 adults and children to stay in NYC for three nights in late July?

(Anonymous because it's a surprise and some of the kids know my handle.)

We'll be there for a visit in late July, for a wedding. Two adults are the wedded couple and need their own room. Probably two more rooms needed for two more adults and five kids, depending on what kind of sleeper couches or whatever are involved.

The hotel sites aren't much help because we need a weird combination of rooms. Three rooms? Two rooms with a shared bath, plus another room?

Are suites the answer? Are there hotels with 3-bedroom suites?

Recommendations, experiences, suggestions all welcome.
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I recommend vacation apartment rentals - they can be found on craigslist, and would give you more space, freedom, a kitchen, etc. My friends and I often have visiting family stay in apartments, as it ends up being a better deal than hotels. Though this all kind of depends on your desired location and amenities.
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Another place to find Vacation Rentals by Owner is
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I assume you know that most hotels in NYC are hellishly expensive. Also make sure wherever you go has good air conditioning. New York can be brutal by the end of July.
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I had a good experience with Air BnB in New York. Choose one with plenty of reviews (good ones!), or at least read the reviews carefully. I got a great one bedroom apartment opposite Central Park for $125/night, and it worked out really well.
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Also, maybe look at some of the bed and breakfast options - there may be a place where you can effectively rent out the place for your group. E.g. somewhere like Stay the Night - B&B on Upper East Side.
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I'd suggest Air BnB too. There is more accountability than just Craigslist rentals.

This rental has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, supposedly sleeps 8 (but if some are kids, it might be fine to go to 9 -- check the sleeping arrangements) for $325 a night! I really doubt you'll get anything even close to that in the city. This one has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths for $425. Plus, you get a kitchen which is nice with all those kids - good for snacks in the morning.

Are you hoping to be in Manhattan or is Brooklyn OK? There are TONS of awesome places in Brooklyn (Park Slope, Williamsburg, etc.) if you're willing to stay there.
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