A wider selection of British periodicals in NYC?
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Where in NYC can I buy Private Eye, News of the World, and/or The Daily Mirror?

Lately, for a variety of reasons, I've been on the hunt for the three aforementioned British periodicals. I've looked at various newsstands/newspaper stores (among them, the one on 14th between 5th and 6th, as well as the Hudson News branches that sell foreign mags), but have been unable to find them. I've found plenty of British fashion magazines, as well as versions of American periodicals, but not much else.

I know that there are places I haven't looked, but I don't want to go to every newsstand in the city and hunt them down. Searches on Google and Yelp have not turned up anything. Does anyone know of any specific places where I can find them? (I will consider an online store, if there's one available, but I'd prefer brick and mortar for now.)
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Two POSSIBLE places are: Universal News, 106 East 23rd Street (I've seen stacks of intl papers and walls of intl magazines there) and Lincoln Plaza News. 1886 Broadway, New York, NY 10023 (the crowded small shop near the movie theater, have also seen many intl papers there).

Actually universal news seems to be a chain with its own website and I am actually thinking about the news/magazine store next to ICE culinary on 50 West 23rd street. Good luck!! I love Uk papers/magazines too but am too cheap to buy them in the city. (also there is one store w brit papers on lexington btw 59th and 68th on opposite side from bloomingdales.) So there are some narrowed down-goose chases for you!
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There used to be an international newsstand called Hotalings - does anyone know if it's still around?
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Hudson News at Grand Central always struck me as having more international than most. I'd give them a call.

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You could subscribe to Private Eye. Then you could cancel your subscription. It's what everyone else does.

But no, I haven't seen it on any news stands in New York. I mostly looked at big train stations.
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My first thought was also the magazine store at 50 West 23rd that bquarters mentions. Same regarding the Hudson News in Grand Central. (The Hudson News in Penn Station near the Amtrak is also a possibility.)
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Call the UK Consulate and ask them. You will certainly not be the first person to have called with this question.
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