No, see, that my password.
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Facebook filter: Why does my password not work on two browsers?

I always use Chrome. This morning, my pre-installed McAffee security thing updated and it started blocking Chrome. I went hunting for the solution using Internet Explorer. While using IE, I tried to sign into Facebook and it wouldn't recognize my password. Yes, I'm sure that I typed my email address in correctly. Then I remembered -- I also have trouble logging into Facebook on my non-smartphone phone (with Opera Mini). Same thing. Won't recognize my password.

I fixed my problem with Chrome and re-logged into Facebook, using the password that the other two browsers said was incorrect.

Any suggestions on what's going on? There have been no shenanigans with my Facebook account, as far as I can tell.

And because I thought someone might ask: I just downloaded Firefox and tried my password. It seems to work.

Should I do something? That is, is there a security issue with my account?
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I briefly had a similar problem where I could log into Facebook with FF or IE, but not Chrome. Many, many attempts at using the same password had the same result. I had to clear my cookies and it started working again. Maybe Facebook made a change to its cookie handling that only affected people under very rare circumstances?
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1. To be absolutely correct you are typing the PW correctly, type it into a Word doc or text editor, and then copy/paste it into all the various browsers.

2. Assuming you get the same results, check the "Facebook isn't working correctly" suggestions at the FAQ here.
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Just tried clearing the cookies and temp. internet files. That didn't work.
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Are you still logged in on Chrome? Facebook might be reluctant to set a new cookie while you're logged in elsewhere.
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I had a password for Facebook that would absolutely not work with their Facebook Connect login UI on iPhone and Android. I had to change my password. I have no idea why it wouldn't work... it was a completely reasonable password. I suggest changing your password and then testing again.
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are the clocks all set to the proper time, if one of the system clocks is off, you can have trouble with facebook...
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