looking for another collapsible cat octahedral hideout thing
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What do I even call this collapsible cat octahedral hideout thing? How do I find another one to purchase? Foster cat loves it soooo much, and I'd like to give her one when she's adopted...

Here's a 300K picture.

It also collapses into a square pyramid (846K image, sorry):

and the whole thing will fold down to a flat single-triangle footprint. There's a circular rubberish logo on one side that says "Pet Essentials", but that's not a helpful search term. I think I found a Pet Essentials brand crinkle tunnel on Target.com, but couldn't find anything like this under toys or furniture.

Any clues? Does anyone have one? Every kitten we've had through here likes it a lot, but Sarah seems to feel particularly safe in it (she's the mother of our recently-adopted kitten kindle of five).
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Goodness, I must have used 15 different search terms. The best I could come up with was "target pop up polyester cat cave" (I tried cat hut, cat bed, cat tent.. pet essentials foldable cat home..)

Here's something similar for $12.
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Aw, what a cutie!

As a category these are called "nylon pop-up pet tents" or "nylon pop-up pet dens." Searching on those terms turns up a lot of different models, although I can't find any the exact same shape as yours.

Pet Essentials is the Target house brand for pet toys. (My cats had a Pet Essentials brand crinkle tunnel - until one of them was naughty and peed in it). Try checking some Target stores in person - my experience is that only a small fraction of a store's inventory is actually posted to their website.
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Here you go
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I have the pet essentials version that is a square. They were two in a package and I'm pretty sure I got mine at Target. I've seen them there recently. They are packaged flat and are hanging so they are easy to miss. I haven't seen that particular shape there so you might consider the square ones instead.
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I have one in cube shape that I got at Walgreens, one or two for $5, I think.
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carmicha! How the heck did you find it?!?

Apparently, it's a "Sport Pet Pop Up Pyramid For Cats & Kittens". It's not pyramid shaped when fully popped up, though (only when half popped up). It's pretty cool, though, and at $7.99 I may get more than one.

Thank you!!!!
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In case anyone gets one of these (and it seems to be awesome for slightly nervous/disoriented cats who still want to know what's going on) -- I cut the bells off. Makes it better for everyone.
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