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Can anyone recommend an M.D. in Austin, TX who is knowledgeable about HRT with bioidentical hormones for women in their late 30's? My niece is looking for someone who really knows what she/he is doing; bases her/his diagnosis on saliva tests and blood tests; isn't "flaky;" is experienced with safely managing hormones during pregnancy; and isn't the kind of doctor who likes to solve any "female" problem with a hysterectomy.

She has previously had a life-threatening condition (unrelated to hormones) and thus is burned out on medical issues; she would need a doctor who would understand her need to understand the diagnosis and treatment.
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My niece is looking for someone who really knows what she/he is doing; bases her/his diagnosis on saliva tests and blood tests; isn't "flaky;"

Respectfully, has it been considered that these are mutually exclusive?
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I realize that's the professional opinion of some people, but there are some respected M.D.'s who disagree, including the one I see who has prescribed these for me. He is a respected board certified family physician in his 60's who practices in a well-respected, long-established conventional medical practice in my city. He prescribes conservatively, using the results of both saliva tests and blood tests, and beginning with low doses. He did not pressure me to use bioidentical hormones. I am not a person who falls for the health fads that come and go, and I didn't seek medical advice from Suzanne Somers' book or any other. This M.D. has proven to me to be knowledgeable and trustworthy in other areas of healthcare for which I have seen him; he hasn't set up a practice to bilk women. The mainstream scientific community has been wrong before, and while I can't prove that this is one of those times, I believe it is.

By the way, my large, national insurance company has covered both the saliva tests and the blood tests, and covers the compounded prescriptions as well.

In any case, there's no disputing the facts that a variety of physical symptoms that I began having about 10-12 years ago (which I now know are mostly symptoms of low progesterone levels) have been effectively treated by conservative doses of bioidentical hormones. The only treatments offered to me by other M.D.s (all board certified gynecologists) were numerous rounds of ultrasounds, biopsies, D&C's, iron supplementation to treat anemia caused by excessive bleeding but which was ineffective and had unpleasant side effects, and finally, recommendations of hysterectomy from every one of them. One of them did prescribe oral progesterone, but using it alone seemed to cause more problems for me. Now, after being treated with bioidentical hormones, I am no longer bleeding excessively, rarely have a hot flash or night sweats, am sleeping well for the first time in ten or twelve years, and have no need for a major surgery that has very real and permanent after-effects, facts which many doctors still refuse to face even though the national organization for obstetricians and gynecologists agrees that many or the majority of hysterectomies are unnecessary.
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I honestly don't know what her experience with HRT is, but Dr. Kimberly Carter - a gynecologist - is an exceptional doctor, and in fact saved my wife's life with her expert handling of her acute preeclampsia. She always impressed me with how open-minded she was, how clearly comfortable she was with the latest research on any issue, and how thoughtfully she interacted with us.
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Central Family Practice in Austin is not an ob/gyn practice, but they are wonderful for combining Western and alternative medical practices in a supportive and informed way. They might be a good place to start to at least get a referral.

HRT during pregnancy sounds awfully dicey to me -- please be careful.
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HRT during pregnancy sounds awfully dicey to me

It is -- that's why it needs to be an M.D. who is experienced. But low progesterone can sometimes interfere with conception, I think, and therefore if she needed progesterone supplementation to conceive, she would need to continue it during pregnancy.

Still hoping that someone will have a specific recommendation of someone who is clearly knowledgeable and experienced with this. Knowing what Austin is like, there are surely a good number of possibilities.
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