Durable, cheap Cotton/Polyester tshirts online
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Where to buy Tshirts that are cool and not weird...no skulls or biker tshirts. I am tired of buying from Nike, adidas, walmart etc I am open to shops although prefer websites that carry cool Cotton/Polyester tshirts. I hate plain ones or too much graphic ones.
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Have you tried www.threadless.com? It's mostly graphic T's, but there's a variety of designs so you can choose less graphic-y ones.
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What kind of price are willing to pay? Personally I'm a big fan of 2ktshirts.com
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insanely great tees & donkey tees.
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Cafepress Tons of weird tees and bonus: you can even make your own.
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giant robot! pretty much all of my husband's awesome t-shirts are from that store.

the website isn't the easiest to navigate (no T-shirt category) but they have really great stuff. check out Gama-Go brand.
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palmer cash are kinda retro.
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I've bought tons of American Apparel t-shirts from shirt.woot.com. They have a new shirt every day for $10 (free shipping), but it's on sale for a week after that for $15 (free shipping). Be sure to check out their catalog of popular shirts here.

AA shirts are nice, soft cotton, but tend to be a closer fit. You really can't be the price, though.
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Seriously love the shirts at shirt.woot.com myself. (There is a different daily shirt on offer each weekday.) Here are some of their most popular shirts. They have an amusing blog too.
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Most of my favorite t-shirts came from things that I like--bands whose shows I've attended (or fairs, or festivals, or other kinds of events), organizations I've volunteered with or donated to, my friends' various projects, companies and designers I like, etc.
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I'm a big fan of GAMA-GO's shirts. Might not be exactly what you're looking for ($22, 100% cotton). It's like wearing art, though! They come out with new stuff all the time.
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ThinkGeek has some pretty cool science/nerd based t-shirts!
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Last Exit to Nowhere graphic based, but maybe awesome.
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All these have constant sales going on:


Imaginary Foundation.

Urban Outfitters.

Brooklyn Industries.
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I also find this topic interesting but would prefer t-shirts that aren't all nerd/science/computer/video game themed. Any suggestions outside those categories?
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Seconding shirt.woot.com! I love 'em. :D
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TopatoCo is basically in the business of selling T-shirts and similar stuff by webcomics artists, but they have a bunch of cool stuff that isn't directly a webcomic spinoff.
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I gather you're in the US, but any Mefites in the UK might find spunky.co.uk useful, too... they have a lot of sales.
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Nucleus Gallery has t-shirts from a range of artists including Kazu Kibuishi

There's a very wide range of t-shirts from various makers on etsy.

Silk Oak is a small maker of silkscreened t-shirts etc, whose designs I like. The ones she has available in her store change fairly often.
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Uhh, since I haven't seen the suggestion yet, I'll throw this one out there: thrift stores. I've found plenty of cool/quirky shirts at Goodwill and the Salvation Army store around here. I've even found several shirts which appeared to be new with tags even on them. Little boutique thrift stores also have eclectic inventories at real low prices.
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Ooops, my bad, I didn't read the question right. Dumb me, ignore my posts
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