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A colleague and I are writing a book chapter on social media, and we have been unable to find or make up terms for one distinction we would like to make. What is a good, compact term for 'information that is endorsed or supported by a credentialed expert on the subject or is agreed to be true by a community of experts'?

We are contrasting this with info that people gather by direct or second-hand experience.

Since it's a chapter about social media, it would be entirely appropriate to write an acknowledgment thanking MeFi. :)
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Credible? Verifiable?
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Clarification: the chapter is on credibility, and our point is that both types of info are credible under different circumstances.
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Refereed is not the word you're looking for. I came into also suggest authoritative.

Refereed is a very specific word that describes information that has undergone the peer-review process, and is definitely not applicable to anything said by a "credentialed expert." Only use refereed if the information you are talking about comes directly out of a peer-reviewed research paper.
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Hm. I mean more like information you would trust if a credentialed expert in that area told it to you. Information that is within a credentialed expert's area of expertise, but that is also recognized by a broader community as true or accurate.

'Authoritative' is close, but it's something else we can't use because we talk about authority (as in, an authority in the field) and it's too circular or confusing.
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Hmm. "Endorsed" is tricky because it implies endorsement as in pay. "Accredited" is closer but has slightly odd implications too.

Commended? Validated?

Ratified? Warranted? Certified?

Vouched? Maybe best: authenticated?
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Worried about the confusion "authenticated" might engender when talking about digital media, since it has a technical meaning.
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Accepted wisdom? (though that sounds a bit folksy)

Accepted standard.

Scientifically supported/endorsed.
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Maybe attested?
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That's what we mean. I guess we have to decide whether we want to use a $5 word.
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Why not just "expert advice"?
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Good [name of industry] practices
Best [name of industry] practices

example: Good Accounting Practices, which is actually an acronym in that industry.

You could substitute methodology or guidelines for practices.

Or, generally accepted methodologies/guidelines.
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I think you might be able to get away with "authoritated" (information, etc.), in the sense of
"endorsed by recognized authorities." It's not an actual "authoritated" word - it would be a back formation from the word "authoritative" - but it's meaning should be clear and pretty transparent in context.
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SillyShepherd, I thought GAAP was "generally accepted accounting practices"?

Anyway, another vote for Generally Accepted, or maybe the General Consensus.
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Expert endorsed or expert certified.
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"Well vetted by industry experts"
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"Received wisdom" is a little less folksy than "accepted wisdom".
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"expert consensus"
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(@wenestvedt, you're probably right. I'm not an accountant; and my recollection of the term is, I'm sure, fuzzy.)
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