High-Waisted Men's Pants
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I hate buying pants. None of the Docker-type khaki's fit me. Either the waist is too big or the, um, butt is too tight. I usually wear jeans to work but find the need for a slightly more professional business-casual look. I need help.

This weekend while at Nordstroms buying a pair of dressy pants, I got some expert help from their tailor and the Men's Department Assistant Manager. It was determined that I am "long-waisted" and that a pant with a high rise would be best for me.

My wife and all my women friends laugh. "So now you know what we go through when buying clothes," they retort. True. My body isn't a perfect 10, but barring a visit from Queer Eye's Carson, who makes higher rise khaki type pants and where can I get them?
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I have this problem too, sometimes. There are other brands which may fit you. There is a brand called Savane (I've seen it at Mervyn's and Foleys) which fits well - I think I have a similar waist to yours.

I would also recommend you check out Men's Wearhouse if there is one in your area. You'll pay a little more for the clothes there, but they have quite a good "business casual" selection that may accomodate you.
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Yes, welcome to our world .... I don't have an recommendations for pants. But I have the same problem with pants and I just buy whatever I like and have the waist taken in. This may or may not work for you.
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Go look at Penny's.
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You have two choices: hit a bunch of department stores and pay a cheaper price for 'close enough', or pay specialty shop prices for 'tailored to fit'. As stated, Men's Warehouse, while more expensive than department stores, is at the lower end of tailoring pricewise.
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Lands' End sells high-rise khakis.
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Hmmm, caddis, that's good to know. Thx. Although, I like to try a pair of pants on. I know they're returnable. But it's an added step to pack them up and send them back. I've actually done that before with them.
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This is so unbelievably cool that you're going to freak: Target can make computer-cut-and-sewn custom clothing. It's still a pilot project right now, but you can get khakis now. I've tried it, because I have pretty non-standard proportions too, and the fit was perfect.
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Wow...I like that target customizing, but I'm way too cheap to pay $34 for a pair of jeans.
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Since Land's End is owned by Sears, you may find the pants in your local Land's End boutique at Sears. If not, and you order them through the catalog, you can still return them at your local Sears. (All you need is the item and the packing slip.)
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If you're not wedded to khaki's, mens dress pants have a much more forgiving fit, and tend to be cut looser in the back. (This is actually worse for me, since I'm long and skinny) Dress pants and a shirt doesn't have to look too formal, so it should work for business casual. I imagine Men's Wearhouse should have some decent stuff for anyone who doesn't care what Carson thinks.
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Wow, the customizing at Target is totally cool. I wonder if they actually sell them in their stores (for khaki's, $34 isn't that outrageous).

Also, the Sears/Lands End connect is new to me so to be able to return to Sears is great.
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If mail order is to be considered, then consider Eddie Bauer.
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