Help me build a French Onion soup that isn't French Onion soup
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Please give me some ideas/recipes for soup that is built like French Onion (broth+bread+cheese).

Please give me some ideas for soup that's built like French onion. Specifically, a brothy soup with some sustenance bits, a crunchy bready layer, and a broiled cheesy topping. I thought of minestrone, topped with garlic toast(?) and Parmesan but that's all I could come up with.

Any other ideas? I'm open to any meat or vegetarian options. Just no cream-based soups, please. I prefer a nice broth that gets thickened by toast/crackers.
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Perhaps a beef or chicken bouillon with raincoast crisps and a melted Brie top?

or, for the university student, Mr. Noodles topped with a bagel and cream cheese?
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I made something like that tonight and it was excellent. Sort of a stracciatelli or Italian wedding soup:

Put chicken stock in a pot, add a few handsful of chiffonaded collard greens or escarole, some bits of chicken, boil it and add acini pepe noodles and two beaten eggs. Layer that over crusty bread and top it with provolone, top that with romano, broil it. You can sub too, gnocci for the noodles, mini meatballs for the chicken, etc etc etc. Whatever you like. Hopefully you have a nice thick soup crock with a handle, that definitely adds to the experience. I really love taking a slice of Italian or French bread or a bagel and grilling it till it has black hash marks on it for the bread layer. I don't eat the bread myself but everyone in my family goes nuts over it.
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Ribollita seems like a good option!
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Minestrone is almost there already -- soup with cheese sprinkled on top -- just add the bread, increase the cheese and broil to melt.
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A simple change to the recipe is to use fennel for some or all of the onion, and chicken stock instead of beef. A little lighter, with a more delicate flavor - but delicious. (if you put cognac in your onion soup, use Pernod instead).
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Tortilla soup is topped with cheese and cornchips.
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I have made a soup inspired by French onion, but with a can of condensed tomato soup added as well as some extra spices: paprika and celery seed, usually. I top it with bread of various kinds with either mozzarella or provolone cheese melted on top. This is my very favorite soup.
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A little off the mark but Pappa al Pomodoro?
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I have a friend who makes french onion style soup but with garlic instead of onion. It is intense, but so delicious with bread and a milder melty cheese. Yum (the garlic smell after eating, even the next day can be intense!)

We do tortilla soup or sopa de lima with chips and cheese like pickypicky suggests!

I am pretty sure your idea for broth enhanced with crackers/crouton/bread is something that can be done with ANY thing... adding bread and cheese is always a good idea! I don't think you can go wrong!
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I've never made this but when I saw Jamie Oliver make it, I thought it looked incredible.
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Tomato soup + croutons + cheese is a classic.
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Broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl might qualify for you if a creamy broth is ok. One place I had it melted the cheese in the bottom of the bread bowl instead of on top, which lines it to make it more liquid-proof.
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Czech garlic soup
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Tomato Bread Soup and I prefer Ina Garten's version of Ribollita.
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The 1957 Time Capsule FPP from yesterday just happens to have a recipe just like this, called ”Tuppa all Vinezeana (Venetian Soup).”
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Response by poster: Thank you all very much- these look wonderful!
I will definitely be cooking this weekend!
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The December issue of Saveur has this recipe for Soupe Crasse. While I haven't tried it yet, it looks amazing. Bonus: you can impress your friends with your newfound knowledge of Occitan cuisine.
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The heavenly Soupe de Poisson has a thick broth with toasted bread spread with a spicy mayo floating on top and gruyere passed at the table. You could add the cheese and broil before serving.
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