What is this mess kit on Etsy?
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I just came across this travel eating kit on Etsy and it is, as you can well see, awesome. I'm googling to find similar things (I'd love to find one with a spoon), but I can't seem to find search terms that will give me any hits at all. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Is the vintage-ness key to the appeal? If not, this little set on Amazon is pretty nifty - looks like the handles can switch between the chopsticks and the fork and spoon.
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Response by poster: Yeah, the vintage-ness is part of it, although a replica would be ok too. And I love that this incorporates an actual glass made of actual glass.
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I don't think anyone makes one with cups anymore (other than for infants and toddlers, out of plastic). You'll have to upgrade to picnic baskets or travel bars – also fantastic – if you want a glass.
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I have these from To-Go Ware. While not vintage, they are a nice bamboo and hold up well. I've given as gifts and people love them.
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What about a tiffin?
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Consider also the term "Hobo Knife" — there are many, varied examples of the form.

Combine with a collapsible cup and Bob's yer uncle.
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You might also try searching for a mess kit.
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Eating utensil multitools don't get much more vintage than this 3rd century Roman "eating implement, folding, with three-pronged fork, spatula, pick, spike and knife".
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Derail, but why are these on Etsy? Did it become eBay when I wasn't looking?
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How about this chow kit, where the knife, fork, and spoon lock together?
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Best answer: The French term you want, I think, is "Couvert de Voyage". It doesn't always imply the presence of a flask and so forth, but it's not uncommon, and what with French being implicitly classy, the term found application beyond France.

This example is quite like the one you link to on Etsy, featuring spoon and corkscrew. See also: this one, etc.

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sfkiddo: "Derail, but why are these on Etsy? Did it become eBay when I wasn't looking?"

Etsy sells vintage things as well as handmade.
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Oh, and you may also find "etui" or "nécessaire" useful, if imprecise, search terms. I'd thought of them as sewing and vanity cases, but I'm finding some things labelled that that contain traveling cutlery, like this "Georgian silver etui" from eBay.
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How about credit card cutlery?
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Folding cutlery
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Hit REI or your local backpackers/hiking store. There is usually an aisle dedicated to super lightweight cutlery and dishes, Everything from folding to titanium. Now that is for practical use. If you are searching just for some antiques, I guess that won't help you much.
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