Seeking Safety (Repair Shop)
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Safety Insurance of Massachusetts, USA - does anyone have a list of their preferred repair shops?

A moving van hit my car a couple weeks ago, and the driver was insured with Safety. I just got the car appraised, and the appraiser said "I can't give you the list of our preferred shops, because you're not insured with us." Doesn't seem like a big deal, but then I came to understand that only those shops are guaranteed to offer the repair for the amount of the estimate. I've Googled around and turned up a couple shops that advertise their affiliation with Safety, but none near me. Shot in the dark - is there anyone who has this list? Or knows of a Safety-approved shop near zip code 01950?
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In Massachusetts, you can pick whatever repair shop you like. If the shop has to go over the appraisal for the repair, they'll contact the insurance company for you. Or at least that's what my insurance company told me when I got rear ended a little while back. My damage was minor, and I haven't made it to a shop yet.

BTW, you and I are practically neighbors, so make that two people who want to find a good repair shop in the Newburyport area.
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Response by poster: Thanks, fremen! Yeah, you're right around the corner! Heh. I guess I am a little concerned about starting a dispute between an 'outside' repairer and the company, and thought that the whole thing might go better if I use someone that's within their network.

Maybe I don't need to worry about this and would certainly welcome more general advice. I've never gone through the claims/repair process before (Thankfully) so I'm a little nervous, and the estimate is nearly $2000.

I do have to get this work done soon, so I'll let you know my eventual experience -- good or ill!

Good luck in the snow tomorrow...
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Call your insurance company and ask for help. When I had my accident, my insurance company walked me through the process even though they weren't paying the claim. I'm sure your company would be happy to do the same.
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Yes, what fremen said. The Safety people will give your agent the list, even if they're being jerks about giving it to you.
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Response by poster: Will give the insurance company a call. Thanks to you both!
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