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In this season of The Office, Darryl has a framed (blue and white?) sign on his office's wall reading "Nobody Talks, Everybody Walks." I'd like to cobble together a reproduction of that sign for my office but can't seem to find an image/screenshot of the sign via Google or otherwise. A long shot, but does anyone have a copy of a screenshot of the sign (or an image of the sign itself)?
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Do you remember what episode? or at least details from it?
The last 5 episodes are on hulu so that would be a way for you to grab a screenshot.
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Response by poster: Looks like it aired around March 19, 2010, which isn't on Hulu. I guess that I'm hoping that out of the mass of Ask Metafilter folks, someone else liked it and captured it. I'm surprised there's no google images result at all, I thought it was pretty darn cool.
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Here's a partial.
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Season 6 is available streaming on Netflix; Episode 20, New Leads, is the one that aired on March 18, 2010.
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Best answer: Here's a screencap via Netflix (thanks rhapsodie). If a closer one exists later in the episode, I'll post it too.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for your efforts, lhall and all. They're much appreciated by this Netflix-less fellow. Ihall's screen cap is big enough to get a good view (and if you find a bigger picture, I'd be thrilled).

Now I just have to figure out how to best reproduce the sign, which looks to be about 5" x 11". (I'm thinking about cheating and asking a graphic design friend to help). Thanks again!
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If you view lhall's link at full size (1,440px × 900px) you get a view that probably isn't good enough to reproduce, but easily good enough to find the right font and color to make a clone.
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There weren't any closer views of the sign in that episode, just corners of it. I'm willing to check other eps if you can identify ones that take place in his office!

Also, agreed that it will definitely be easier to recreate it in Illustrator by grabbing the color out of the screencap and finding the font, etc.
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What is the meaning of this sign? "Everybody shut up and work?"
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Oh, wait. "If no one cooperates with the police, we will all be released."
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nobody talks, everybody walks = don't snitch. that's the only way I've ever heard that expression.

wow, I want to needlepoint that sign now.
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Best answer: I had the time (and a need to procrastinate). Here's a quick mockup of your sign.

232kb PDF

It's vector, and will scale to your specifications. It's not exact, but more than servicable. (Typophiles will recognize that Akzidenz is standing in for whatever the original typeface was. Not exact, but close enough, I think.)

Grab it now, if you'd like it. No promises that it'll stay on that webspace for long, but I'll leave it for a week. Mirror/distribute/save to your heart's content
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(And I've seen the sign many times before in various jobs I've had. It's meaning has always been "Don't talk while you're working, and our work will be done faster, and you will go home on time". If I'm right about who Darryl is, he's the guy who worked in the warehouse and then moved to the executive side, yes? I see it as him bringing along with him a commonsense credo from when he managed blue-collar folks that's made laughably poignant by the amount of empty talk and bullshitting that goes on in the executive side of things.)
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Response by poster: Wow! That was really nice of you. I'd bet I'm not the only person who's wanted this sign, too. (Maybe Circle_b can make a needlepoint pattern out of the pdf....)
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yeah, the phrase basically means don't snitch... used in many cities... i've seen other posters of this phrase in Baltimore... not necessarily great for cops/law enforcement...
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Best answer:
> (Maybe Circle_b can make a needlepoint pattern out of the pdf....)
Here's a needlepoint pattern courtesy of an online generator named Never used them (never needlepointed), but the pattern idiom itself looks all kinds of cool.

150kb PDF

(same rules apply. Grab it while you can.)
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The only way this thread can get better is if someone gets a tattoo.
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