I cannot find the FTP Migration tool
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I have a photo blog on blogger.com that I haven't posted to in some time and, when I just tried, got the following message: "Blogger no longer supports FTP publishing. If you are interested in continuing to maintain your blog on Blogger, use the FTP Migration Tool." I cannot find the FTP Migration tool. Any advice?
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Do these links help?

http://blogger-ftp.blogspot.com/ - Official blog

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXEbbpLJEok - Migration tool walkthrough
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Mind those instructions very carefully: "Keep in mind that any files you previously hosted on www.myblog.com -- like uploaded images, PDFs, etc., whether they're www.myblog.com/resume.pdf or www.myblog.com/uploads/images/foo.jpg -- are currently hosted at www.myblog.com too. Note: When you update your domain so that www.myblog.com points to Blogger's servers, any references to those files will break unless you follow these instructions."
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